The best bachelor parties are the ones when you have loads of stories to share from this very event all the time. These parties bring together your closest of friends together in a bonding and unforgettable way. This is why Las Vegas is deemed as a hub for bachelor parties. But Las Vegas is well, typical. If you apply a little creativity and some open mindedness, you can even host an unforgettable bachelor party along with some adult entertainment in Houston. Here are some ideas for the bachelor party you can choose from.

  1. Select a theme and stick with it.

You can begin by selecting a theme to get your creative juice flowing when seeking a bachelor party idea. You can choose groom’s favorite movie, Hawaiian-theme, or the 80s etc. When you choose a theme, start filling in the blanks by music preferences, costumes, and activities.

  1. Party outdoors

No matter if your group has a knack to have fun in the woods on not, you can still have a great time. The fun part about backpacking, camping etc. is that you have no interferences or noise complaints to bother about. There might be some challenges posing while out for camping like limited access to power or basic utilities. You can carry a 12V battery or a small generator to enhance your options for speakers, running light, blenders and so much more.

  1. Food frenzy

If clubs aren’t really your thing, you can host a feast instead. Consult with other attendees and check if they’d be up and ready for spending most of their money and time on amazing meals and booze. Really extravagantly spending on flashy restaurants can be expensive, but Vegas is costly as well. Particularly for those friend groups who don’t desire to get wasted or rowdy, this is one of the safest and best bachelor party ideas.

  1. BYOFB or Bring your own fancy booze

No matter how many ideas you are investing for your bachelor party, in every bachelor party, everyone is responsible for bringing a fancy bottle of great booze. Spend the first night off by opening all of those fancy bottles and sampling each one of them. If you can’t finish off all of that booze, give the remaining of what’s left to the groom at the end of the bachelor party.

  1. Girls are only fond of skilful guys

Bachelor parties can be deemed expensive, then why not buy something useful and amazing out of it? You can search in your chosen city for a 1 day class or course in fun and productive activities like:

  1. Beer-making
  2. Woodworking class
  3. Archery/skeet shooting/etc.
  4. Butchery class
  1. Guys versus guys

You can spend a lot of time playing paintball or head to a local park to play sloshball, just make sure that the park allows you to drink). You can also host your very own beerlympics by simply repurposing it for a bachelor party.